SÜSS MicroTec Netherlands BV (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) is a proud member of SÜSS MicroTec and is a world leading provider of innovative functional inkjet systems for the manufacturing of high tech electronics. With its product portfolio, PiXDRO Inkjet, the company serves several industries: lighting, display, energy, semiconductor and (printed) electronics. SÜSS MicroTec Netherlands BV offers R&D systems up to complete manufacturing solutions including pre- and post-processing and automation modules, thereby providing a complete solution for the customer’s requirements. SÜSS MicroTec Netherlands BV is serving customers in all relevant electronics producing regions around the world offering customer solutions with applications based on industrial and proven platforms and equipment.

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Tokyo Boeki Group is member of Tokyo Boeki Holdings Corp. The group companies provide products and services that support diverse industries and possess a variety of specialized skills. Each of the group companies have contributed to the development of key industries such as energy, steel-making and automobiles.
Our partnership with Tokyo Boeki Group evolves around the Minimal Fab: a semiconductor mini fab for R&D and series production. The technology brings small chip series within reach of small companies at affordable prices and a fast time-to-market. A chip factory at roughly one-thousandth of the cost of a state-of-the-art mega-fab.
Within the Minimal Fab consortium, Tokyo Boeki group is responsible for International marketing of the Minimal Fab.


The idea of Minimal Fab was first produced in AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) and it was then developed to practical use by a consortium of AIST and 22 companies in Japan. The consortium has been recently evolved to Minimal Fab Promoting Organization.

DoMicro BV is partner in several collaborations supported by:



DoMicro BV is located in the heart of Brainport Region and connected and collaborating with world leading companies and partners. Brainport, with Eindhoven at its heart, has become one of Europe’s prominent high-tech regions in recent years. Not just a place on the map but a state of mind. This is the Brainport philosophy, a unique form of collaboration that lays the foundation for open innovation: sharing knowledge to multiply knowledge. High-tech and design go hand in hand with top-quality manufacturing and entrepreneurship. Brainport is so much more than the sum of its parts and, as such, is an accelerator of growth. Collaboration and cooperation, a considerable dose of intelligence and the ability to constantly adapt help accelerate the economy and get the individual moving, attracting talented students, knowledge workers, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. http://www.brainport.nl/en