DoMicro BV, founded in 2013, is a highly specialized technology company providing innovative manufacturing technology and application solutions for flexible hybrid electronics and micro devices.

DoMicro creates value by additive technologies for printed electronics and develops cutting edge inkjet printing processes. The company delivers R&D services, small series production, system architecture and project management. E.g. exploring new technologies for circuitry on flexible substrates like transparent conductive films, OPV electrodes, OLED, Lab-on-chip, wearables, IC and MEMS integrations.


The market for flexible hybrid electronics is growing exponentially. Demand for integration of electronics and wireless applications such as IoT, wearables, healthcare and sensors for big data applications is increasing. By developing innovative printing technology, new capabilities arise in flexible hybrid electronics. Beyond conventional PCBA integration, specific technology challenges for products and applications are encountered such as energy & power management, IC integration, 3D structures and flexible form factors. DoMicro pioneers within this industry as technology provider and facilitates your imagination.


DoMicro embarks upon business opportunities in the emerging field of flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) and aims for innovative industrial solutions for tools and technologies. The gap between initial research phase into volume manufacturing is bridged by integrated process development on industrial tools. This enables smooth implementation where reproducibility and short time to market are key values moving ideas from innovation into industrialization.

For this strategy, DoMicro has developed a smart automated production system. This ‘Micro Device Fab’ is a revolutionary R&D and pilot manufacturing solution for FHE. Specific manufacturing technologies are integrated. Pilot and proto-series are fluently executed based on the R&D process integration. After product & process qualification, this ‘LAB-FAB’ system can be switched into automated production mode. This enables fast pace innovation. The Micro Device Fab meets the need to independently develop, protect IP and produce specific micro devices based on customers own research. Independent from existing foundries without large investments or cleanrooms.

Do it ‘Do Micro’.