DoMicro BV, founded in 2013, is a highly specialized technology company providing innovative manufacturing technology and application solutions for flexible hybrid electronics and micro devices.

DoMicro creates value by additive technologies for printed electronics and develops cutting edge inkjet printing processes. The company delivers R&D services, small series production, system architecture and project management. E.g. exploring new technologies for circuitry on flexible substrates like transparent conductive films, OPV electrodes, OLED, Lab-on-chip, wearables, IC and MEMS integrations.


The market for flexible hybrid electronics is growing exponentially. Demand for integration of electronics and wireless applications such as IoT, wearables, healthcare and sensors for big data applications is increasing. By developing innovative printing technology, new capabilities arise in flexible hybrid electronics. Beyond conventional PCBA integration, specific technology challenges for products and applications are encountered such as energy & power management, IC integration, 3D structures and flexible form factors. DoMicro pioneers within this industry as technology provider and facilitates your imagination.


Driven by the growing interconnected world, the demand for integrated and wireless electronic functionality is increasing. Beyond conventional and rigid PCBA’s, innovative printing technology, micro assembly and advanced packaging are creating new possibilities to embed and assimilate electronics in products. DoMicro embarks upon the business opportunities this brings. We do this using our expertise in innovative inkjet and nanowire printing, micro assembly and advanced packaging for applications in wearables, IoT, healthcare and sensor applications.

Supported with contract research, technology consultancy and the development of prototypes, this will bring your ideas from an innovative technology into use for your applications, equipment, and materials. Our approach is agile, flexible and dedicated. Let’s cross boundaries together. Our dedicated and flexible team invites you.

Do it ‘Do Micro’.